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“A safe and beautiful place to reside, work and have fun.”

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A collaborative effort to implement these initiatives will meet the needs of the neighborhood's revitalization process. In order to rebuild our community, it is imperative that we make a concentrated effort on building code violations, "cooling down" crime hot spots, cleaning up streets, sidewalks and vacant lots, beautifying landscapes and public right of ways.

We must engage all property owners and residents to create and sustain a livable neighborhood.

Also, in order to revitalize the Evanston Community we are in the process of implementing a 2012 Housing Strategy. We will target Woodburn Avenue Corridor, Dana to Madison, enhancing existing investments and connect important centers of activity. We are receiving technical support from community building institute. Our partners are Model Group Development, Xavier University, Community Building Institute, LISC, City of Cincinnati, the Port Authority and Home Ownership Center.

Dedicated to the well-being of all residents and to the development of the community through education, business and spirituality.

Anzora Adkins,

“A safe and beautiful place to reside, work and have fun.”

President’s Letter

Evanston Recreation Center

Walk for Evanston

Join us to promote health and raise funds for the

Evanston Employment Center which provides sourcing services for community residents

Saturday, April 6 8:30 a.m. Check-in

Walk begins at 9:30 a.m.

This event is sponsored by:

Let’s Move, PG Sittenfeld

Union Institute & University

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In order to continue and expand the revitalization in Evanston, it is imperative that the Community Council along with other partners take a proactive approach to safety within the neighborhood. While the Evanston Community Council is actively working with the City of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Police District Two to create a safe community, the Council would like to create a task-force of diverse community stakeholders to implement several key safety initiatives in our neighborhood.

The Council desires to move forward on these safety initiatives and is seeking to implement the following Safety Action Plan:

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